UIAA Climbing European Championship 2006
Rossport Olympic Committee of Russia Climbing Federation of Russia Federal water-generation company Middle Ural region government Administration of Ekateringburg
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05.07.2006 15:15
Combined individual and National command ranking published, all results downloadable.
05.07.2006 14:40
International Disabled Athletes Climbing Competition results available.
03.07.2006 19:30
Male SPEED results:
2. SINITSYN Sergey (RUS)
3. PESHEKHONOV Alexander (RUS)
Female SPEED results:
2. ALEXEEVA Ksenia (RUS)
3. YURINA Valentina (RUS)
03.07.2006 17:50
In a 10 minutes will starts final rounds of SPEED Competition. All results LIVE.
03.07.2006 16:10
International Disabled Athletes Climbing Competition has starts. Starting list.
03.07.2006 10:00
Starts Female Speed Qualification, next Male Speed Qualification. Online results.
02.07.2006 18:00
Open BOULDERING Climbing Competition on open problems starts. It will pass withing 2 hours. Online results.
02.07.2006 15:30
At 16.00 will start traning of International Disabled Athletes Climbing Competition during UIAA Climbing European Championship. Starting List.
02.07.2006 15:00
Because of cancelling BOULDERING COMPETITION in UIAA Climbing European Championship today at 18:00 will start Open Bouldering Climbing Competition. All may participay who was applyed to Bouldering discipline in UIAA Climbing European Championship. First prizes will be 500 €.
01.07.2006 16:40
The Competition Jury has made a decision to CANCEL OF BOULDERING COMPETITION because the safety of the competitors can not be guaranteed with the existing mats.
01.07.2006 11:00
The Competition Jury has made a decision about cancel the Semi-final round of bouldering and delay Male Qualification to next morning. New programme will be published soon.
01.07.2006 09:00
Male BOULDERING Qualification is delayed for 1 more hour till 11:00.
30.06.2006 21:30
Male LEAD results:
1. David LAMA (AUT)
2. Cédric LACHAT (SUI)
Full results

Male podium (enlarge)

30.06.2006 20:22
Male LEAD Final starts. Live results.
30.06.2006 19:20
Female LEAD results:
1. Charlotte DURIF (FRA)
2. Sandrine LEVET (FRA)
3. Maja VIDMAR (SLO)
Full results

Female podium (enlarge)

30.06.2006 18:00
LEAD Finals starts. Live results.
30.06.2006 10:00
Male LEAD Semi-final starts. As usual, live results.
29.06.2006 16:50
In a 10 minutes will start Female LEAD Semi-final. See online results live.
29.06.2006 09:10
UIAA European Championship is begin. See online results live.
28.06.2006 12:38
There are some changes in provisional program.
23.06.2006 17:05
You can see provisional program of UIAA Climbing European Championship 2006.
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