UIAA Climbing European Championship 2006
Rossport Olympic Committee of Russia Climbing Federation of Russia Federal water-generation company Middle Ural region government Administration of Ekateringburg
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UIAA Climbing European Championship 2006
Ekaterinburg (Russia), June 29 July 3


Climbing Federation of Russia: 8, Luzhnetskaya Nab., Moscow, 119992, Russia, tel/fax: + 7 495 725 47 04

Organisers: 29 Mira Str, Ekaterinburg, 620078, Russia, fax: + 7 343 375 41 81 e-mail:

Contacts: Evgeny LEVIN/ CFR Secretary General

Official website - uralclimbing.ru.

2. PARTICIPATION in each event

- 5 female and 5 male competitors each country
- the current reigning World Champions (2005 Munich)
- the current reigning European Champions (2004 Lecco)


Please use the new system for registration at http://uiaaclimbing.com/egroupware/

Please also send a list of competitors to:
UIAA Climbing : uiaaclimbing.comp@alto5.it
Copy to organization: info@rusclimbing.ru

IMPORTANT: Those competitors whose Federation have not applied for a 2006 International Licence will not be allowed to compete!

Deadline for registration: 16:00 GMT Sunday 18 June 2006.


According to UIAA Climbing Standards.


Palace of sport games. Eremina str., 10


By plane: Fly to Ekaterinburg KOLTSOVO Airport.

All teams will be met in Airport and transported to the Hotel. All participants will be provided with transport during the competitions. The charge for the transport service has not been calculated but will be in the region of 15-20 € per person.

VISA. The procedure to produce an official invitation requires minimum two weeks as well to make the visas in Russian consulate requires two weeks more.

In order to get Russian visas you have to send the following information as soon as possible:
1. Legible copy of one passport page (with Surname, Name, Date of birth, Passport No, Issue/Expiry Date)
2. Nationality
3. Sex
4. Place of birth
5. Team status (climber, coach, manager, physiotherapist)
6. Full name of the firm where person is working.
7. Firm address, phone, fax
8. Post in the firm (appointment).
9. City where visa will be received (there need to be Russian consulate or embassy).
10. Arrival date in Russia and Departure date from Russia.

NOTE: Please ask Russian consulate in your country: is it necessary to have an original invitation (or fax will be enough)? Please inform us by info@rusclimbing.ru about this.

Please inform us as well about your address and fax number where you can get the invitation!

We inform you that cost of the DHL post is about 60-75 € for one letter, if you need the original of the invitation.


Hotel "ISET" *** (the same Hotel like in 2002, 2003)

Apartments 1st class (2 rooms from 2 to 4 beds) 160 € per night/room.

Apartments 2nd class (2 rooms from 2 to 4 beds) 115 € per night/room.

Single room 80 € per person per night.

Double bed room 50 € per person per night.

Breakfast included.

Notice: Prices are given without a discount. The hotel will provide a discount to organizers. The more people will stay in the hotel the more discount would be. In order to determine final price please make preliminary reservation by info@rusclimbing.ru as soon as possible.

Deadline for the final reservation May, 29 th.

Professional equipment for mountain working and recreation e-sport Palace of sport games